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About Bridesmaids: The Unauthorized Movie Musical Parody

Are you ready to party with Annie, Lillian, Megan, and all the zany bridesmaids LIVE in Las Vegas? Well, grab a “glass of alcohol” and join the fun! It’s Bridesmaids like you’ve never seen it before! Revel in the matrimonial mayhem and have a song-studded blast with the characters you’ve grown to love!

Presented by Theater Mogul, Lynn Shore Entertainment and Ivory Star Productions, Bridesmaids: The Unauthorized Movie Musical Parody is an uproarious musical that spoofs the cinematic sensation Bridesmaids. This side-splitting parody, about a competition between a maid of honor and a bridesmaid to prove which of them is the bride’s best friend, is a heartwarming and raunchy tribute to the 2011 film that’ll have you laughing so hard you’ll lose your…composure.

Totally unauthorized, completely irreverent, and 100% fun, Bridesmaids: The Unauthorized Movie Musical Parody is a not-to-be-missed experience perfectly suited for The Marriage Capital of the World. Now playing at “The Venue” inside The Orleans Hotel & Casino, Bridesmaids: The Unauthorized Movie Musical Parody is the Vegas event that Bridesmaids fans, bachelorettes, and lovers of hysterically funny musical comedies will utterly adore!

Book & Lyrics by Valerie Witherspoon.
Music by Mark Vogel & Lynn Shore

Director & Choreographer: Sarah Lowe

Music director: Dolly Coulter

Annie: Nicole Unger
Lilian: Maile Onsaga
Helen: Erin Balstar
Rhodes/Becca: Luke Striffler 
Megan: Caitlin Ary
Rita/Ted/Air Marshall: Jackson Tobiska
Female Swing: McKena Silva
Male Swing: Jerod Perez